The Quiet Days

I love the quiet days in between Christmas and New Year. Not working and not celebrating, just being. Friday’s snow not having lasted long enough for someone to build a whole snowman. The evening when it fell though our street suddenly filled with excited children, many of them fully grown. I stop for a while […]

A memory of snow, 1963

A memory written down in 2013, but of a winter time fifty years earlier. In 1963 my birthday fell on a Sunday, just like this year. Sunday 20th January. And this year it has snowed too. But not like that year. As the Liverpool Echo recalls: “Many think back to January 1963, said to have […]

Into the winter gardens

Amidst the shock and outrage at the fact that it has snowed, in January, in Northern Europe, it’s all too easy to miss its beauty. The way it makes everywhere look different. And makes us see everyday objects differently. Especially in the gardens and parks in the few miles round where we live. This piece […]