The Art of Conversation: Series One

Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Liverpool: The complete Series One In a year of precious few unexpected joys this has been an unexpected joy. The making of a whole series of podcasts with my friend Abi O’Connor that we’ve both enjoyed working on so much that we’ve already started Series Two. Which will begin soon. But […]

The Quiet City

Tomorrow (31st October) is World Cities Day 2020 A day marked by the United Nations to focus on urbanisation as a central issue for development and to encourage cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing urban challenges towards sustainable development. This blog post, in which I adopt the persona of ‘The City of Liverpool’ […]

Particular Cases of the Possible: A continuing story

A paper and presentation for a University of Liverpool History PGR Work In Progress Seminar on October 28th 2020, about where I’m up to with my PhD work. Beginning with a story It had never been good enough, the way far too many people round the city had been forced to live, ever since their […]

In Sunlight Autumn

Although the day has dawned rainy here in Liverpool and seems likely to continue that way we are having the beginnings of a glorious autumn. I know because I’m spending most of my working time outside in the weather these days, noticing it. Writing much of my sociology PhD on an allotment since the early […]

Sustainable and Resilient Cities: Liverpool Podcasts

New Series 2 podcast from historian Emily Kearon-Warrilow out now Series 1&2: Listen here As well as socially working on our respective PhDs Abi O’Connor and I are producing podcasts together for the University of Liverpool. Series One completed, and Series Two now underway. Exploring how postgraduates like ourselves are responding to the Covid crisis […]

Time Off in an Unusual Time

I stopped working last Friday afternoon so I could have some time off before the summer ends. Work in my case being the PhD I began last October, following the year’s worth of MA I’d just completed at the University of Liverpool. And none of which I’d have considered to be work at all for […]