The Artist’s Studio: Barbara Hepworth

Before we left Cornwall last weekend there was one last person and place we wanted to visit, Barbara Hepworth in her studio. And to give you a sense of her and her place, this will matter later, here is how it describes itself: “The Cornwall studio where Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) found space to work, and […]

Outstanding Natural Beauty

The last morning of our stay here in Cornwall and it’s a sunny one. (It’s an old tradition of ours.) Also, Sarah’s brought her small tripod and sets her camera up for a photo of both of us here: And that’s just about it. We’ve loved being here in this outstandingly beautiful place, despite our […]

Cathy’s Walk

Commenting on the first of this week’s Cornwall blog posts, our friend Cathy Alderson had this to say: “My family are all living down there and our treat is to walk from St Uny church to St Ives, stopping at the Carbis Bay hotel for coffee en route. It’s got us through some horrendous times and should […]

All Is quiet here in Cornwall – too quiet?

When I was young and really did send postcards home I’d usually select ones with lots of pictures on them. Reasoning them to be somehow ‘better value.’ So here we go, a second good value multi-image Postcard From Cornwall. Truth to tell, these last two days haven’t matched the sunny brilliance of Sunday and Monday […]

A Postcard From Cornwall

If you know me you’ll probably know that Sarah and I are on holiday in Cornwall this week. If you’re expecting a postcard well don’t. I won’t be sending any as I’ve got too much reading and walking to do to be bothered with all that. But here’s one anyway, via the blog. When Sarah […]