Mr Roscoe’s Garden: A Political History

Here at a sense of place we’re big appreciators of William Roscoe and all he did for the City of Liverpool and, well, for humanity generally. Helping to get the Transatlantic Slave Trade stopped, at considerable physical and financial risk to himself was no mean feat after all. We followed his life, interests and achievements […]

In the neighbourhood: Mossley Hill and Aigburth, Part 1

A bright short day in December, following my feet from home to the river along roads I don’t usually follow. Coming by surprise to somewhere that was the hidden birthplace of many, and I’d thought was long gone. You know the way it is, even us habitual wanderers have our well worn pathways we inhabit […]

Poppies in The Mystery

It can seem amongst the least mysterious of Liverpool’s parklands, but ‘The Mystery’ it is to all of us who live here, rather than the ‘Wavertree Playground’ it gets called on maps. We’ll come back to the why and wherefore of this later, but first I want to show you some poppies. Now The Mystery […]