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Out of Liverpool: Walking to Leeds Section 2

leeds-liverpool-2-65On the bus from the centre of town then, back to where we left off at Wally’s Steps for the second section of our walk from here to there along the whole of the Leeds Liverpool Canal. 127 miles to Leeds with 119 to go. Today we’ll cover the 8 miles from Aintree to Downholland Cross.leeds-liverpool-2-1 leeds-liverpool-2-2 leeds-liverpool-2-3Quality graffiti here. So today will we be Riders on the Storm who will Break on Through to the Other Side? Well.

Sarah has a new jacket.

Sarah has a new jacket.

It’s a ‘paramo’ thing and apparently ‘jacket’ is hardly the word for something that will prove to keep her warm, keep her dry, keep her cool, keep her ventilated and be her best friend when other humans, me, aren’t quite up to the mark. It’s a miracle. And you can keep canal maps in the front. Continue reading

2012: Friday Walks, The Shining Shore, the LP version

You’ll remember, I’m sure, that often in the 1970s, when one of your favourite bands had a hit single, it would turn out to be a shortened version of a track off their latest LP. I can immediately think of examples by Free, The Temptations, The Doors and Adge Cutler and the Wurzels. Actually that last one I’m not too sure about. But you get the idea?

Well, one of our favourite walks has an LP version too. Yes, ‘The Shining Shore’. In it’s original version in ‘Circular Walks in Wirral’ (the ‘LP’ if you like) it’s considerably longer than the walk we normally do these days. In fact we’d only done the full version once before, and that was long before we started writing our walks down and showing them to anyone interested.

Today, we decided to give it another go.

First, the walk you’re probably familiar with, but done in the opposite direction to the usual. You’ll see why when we get to the drum solo in the middle.

Late summer now, and the hedgerows are heaving with berries. These are blackberries, not ripe yet.

It’s been a wet summer, and the ponds are full of water, reeds and grasses.

The Dee Estuary, low tide was about an hour ago.

Down onto the shore.

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