Deborah Morgan “The Punter”

As regular readers will know I don’t really do reviews. But I saw a play last night, written by a friend, and I want to tell you about it, because I think she’s really good at what she does. So fair enough?

“The Punter” by Deborah Morgan, at The Cornerstone, Shaw Street.

“The Punter” then is Deb’s first full play, following her brilliant novel “Disappearing Home” about growing up in Everton. There’s a full house in the theatre tonight, part of the Hope University Shaw Street campus, or “the old SFX” as the friends with me call it.

Some of us have seen an extract from the play performed before, by Deb and a friend at our “Peaceful Warrior” event last September. So we know we’re in for a bit of a comedy. But subsequent development by Deb and the whole company has considerably darkened things from what we saw last autumn. Continue reading “Deborah Morgan “The Punter””


37After thousands of us came to see the new Everyman lighting up for the first time last night, today we were all invited back to come inside for the housewarming. And it seemed like the entire city took up the invitation. Because pretty much everyone loves The Everyman.

Which must have made today a nervy day for everyone running the new place. Because it is totally new. Fair enough, 25,000 of the old Hope Hall bricks from the original building have been re-used but not a scrap of the old structure remains. Except in the heads of all of us who turned up in Hope Street today.

So loads of first dates, loads of getting the new band going, loads of best thing I’ve ever seen, loads of that night we sat in The Ev and decided to change our lives. All of this walked up to the new doors of the new place today, every one of us looking for a sense of home in a building we’d never been in before.

So yes, a nervy day for the new Ev.

What a beautiful place. And there we all are, up on the front.
What a beautiful place though. And there we all are, up on the front.

My particular Ev was always and mostly the Bistro, from when my friend Tricia Lively from the City Housing Department first brought me to a tiny starter version of the Bistro back in 1973, to all those times with Sarah dreaming up what we’d do in ‘a sense of place’. So as soon as I get inside I want to see the new Bistro.

Down the stairs.
Down the stairs.

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