The Art of Conversation: Series One

Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Liverpool: The complete Series One In a year of precious few unexpected joys this has been an unexpected joy. The making of a whole series of podcasts with my friend Abi O’Connor that we’ve both enjoyed working on so much that we’ve already started Series Two. Which will begin soon. But […]

The Quiet City

Tomorrow (31st October) is World Cities Day 2020 A day marked by the United Nations to focus on urbanisation as a central issue for development and to encourage cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing urban challenges towards sustainable development. This blog post, in which I adopt the persona of ‘The City of Liverpool’ […]

Walking to Work

For today’s blog post I’ve decided to continue with the general walking theme I’ve been writing about for the past few days. Partly because walking is a big part of what I do and noticing the beauty of autumn therefore follows. But also because of what else is happening around us right now. With Covid […]

Sustainable and Resilient Cities: Liverpool Podcasts

Series Two now on & available to listen to here As well as socially working on our respective PhDs Abi O’Connor and I are producing podcasts together for the University of Liverpool. Series One completed, and Series Two now underway. Exploring how postgraduates like ourselves are responding to the Covid crisis in ways where the […]

From The Sunlight Garden

This place is my education, my university, my refuge, my respite, my sunlight and my holiday, in this strangest of all the years of my life. When I enter it I breathe easily, knowing that here at least all is well and will be well. Since March I’ve been working here most of the days. […]

Peeling Back the Busyness

Some thoughts about afterwards, for when we get there. Not that I think this is over, not for a minute, but I keep thinking about ‘afterwards’ and what could make it better than before. It’s kind of my job, as someone who spends so much of his time these days studying sociology, to talk about […]