Buying records and Playing in the Street

A Sunday Walk reminding me of two things I’ve loved from early in my life. From 1963 onwards saving up my pocket money for singles by the Beatles, the Searchers, the Crystals and the Ronettes. Then coming home and playing football in streets still largely without cars. Golden days. But before that there are some […]

Walking in Bath: Just peace

‘Busy doing nothing’ but actually doing rather a lot. My partner Sarah Horton takes us to a Lido in Stroud and to pretty well everywhere in Bath – with added opinions. Take it away Sarah! ✹ My ‘weekend in Bath’ actually begins in nearby Stroud. I am visiting my dear friend Gemma here, and she has […]


After the early Autumn sun Had burned the early morning mist From the streets of the city, I walked along Huskisson Street And photographed the great cathedral Rising from behind the houses. “Glorious” I thought, “Simply glorious.” “Simply glorious.” Ronnie Hughes 8th September, 2015.

Inspecting Liverpool, July 2015

I’ve done this before on here, walking round the North and the South of the city taking photographs to roughly see how it’s doing on an ‘ordinary’ day. Meaning not some great holiday or special events day, but one where the streets and the people are just going about their business much like they always […]

The Cowhouses of Liverpool

Comments on this blog post are closed. No further comments will be published. Go to  Dave Joy’s blog here for anything you want to say or find out about cowhouses. You know that house on the corner of your terraced street with the funny shaped, slightly larger yard than most of the others in the […]

In Liverpool: On Christmas Day in the morning

For a dedicated urban walker Christmas Day offers just about the best chance of the year to walk around the city centre, in daylight, while most of it is shut, and be almost alone too. Along Hope Street I see the only party hats of the day. Three women in the restaurant at the Liverpool […]