With Homebaked: Designing

A Saturday afternoon here, spent as a member of Homebaked Community Land Trust looking for inspiration, as we now near the end of our first, year long phase, doing the basic design of the new building that will eventually rise next to the Homebaked Community Bakery.This is a day of two architects, both at the […]

Great Places, The Academy of Urbanism Awards

A great day this last Friday, 6th November, celebrating fifteen of the places that are lighting up the ways we live now, Granby 4 Streets proudly amongst them. Ann, Hazel and me at The Academy of Urbanism Awards for 2016. Coucillor Ann O’Byrne, of course, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Hazel Tilley of Cairns Street, and […]

Of the people, by the people: The Community Land Trusts

A day containing both of Liverpool’s Community Land Trust’s is always a good day for me. A day of actually seeing the people of a place take a formal and active role in designing and creating the future of their place. This was such a day for me. First to Granby then, where I call […]

In Granby: The September Street Market

At 10 o’clock this morning, as the Granby 4 Streets Market opened, the rain stopped. Sometimes that’s just how it is for the righteous of this earth. Because of course the 4 Streets are on site now. A photographer takes a photograph of a photographer taking a photograph of a film maker filming. And I […]

The story of A Sense of Place 8: Places by design

It makes obvious sense that the people who live, or are about to live, in a place that’s being built or radically changed should have some say in its design. But although it makes obvious sense it hardly ever happens. We’ve all been to or heard about ‘public consultation’ events where a community is shown […]

Homebaked – Open for business!

Early March 2018 Homebaked’s news is: “We are delighted to announce we won 3 GOLD, 3 SILVER & 2 BRONZE medals @BritishPies. Well done to all our team of staff & volunteers who have worked so hard to make this happen #morethanapie” Well done then, everyone who has ever worked in Homebaked, and looking back […]