And now let us vote in peace

Now, in the springtime of the year, when everything is fresh and possible, we all have a decision to makeToday is the day we all vote for our future. So, after all the threats, lies, cajoling, wailing, shreiking and fear-mongering, and that was just from the last couple of day’s papers, we now approach the moment of perfect peace. […]

It’s a Big Issue: Election Special

Confession time: I don’t often buy The Big Issue. I used to. Early days I would even write for it, the occasional column plus regular art and food reviews. I was a Director of a housing association at the time and when the Big Issue in the North had to set up in Liverpool and Manchester […]

Are we all living in ‘Borgen’ now?

The quandry of who on earth to vote for? And will we end up with a feuding coalition anyway? Yesterday evening a brave Conservative walked along our terraced street in Liverpool delivering election leaflets. As soon as I noticed it I went and looked up and down the street to try and see what such […]


Thoughts on approaching the democratic moment. I was upset when I got home one day last week to discover that a fascist had put a leaflet through our letter box. But before I took the front door off its hinges to have it fumigated I noticed all the other leaflets that had arrived too. Then I […]