Top Lock, Top Day: Walking to Leeds, Section 6

Another day, another Top Lock. We suspect this won’t be the last of these on our way along the canal from Liverpool to Leeds. As usual now, we begin the day where we aim to finish, parking the car here at Wheelton.

Me and a very happy Sarah Horton, who particularly loves these canal days.

Sarah, to give credit where it’s definitely due, is the principal arranger of these days. Does all the maps, food and logistics and on this one will also do a good half of the photographs.

Sarah’s map. How to get from Adlington to Blackburn along the Leeds Liverpool Canal.
Our day begins in steady rain.

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Walking Home: A meditation


In a troubled world the freedom to walk home & know it will be there is not to be taken lightly.

It will soon be Christmas Day and many people are thinking of home. Walking home, sailing home, even flying home. Getting home come what may. So I’d already decided that for my Sunday walk this week I’d get on a random bus, get off miles away from here and then walk home. Simple and always a joy to do.

Then just as I’m about to walk round to the bus stop Cerys Matthews plays a song on her BBC6 programme that’s so beautiful it stays with me all day on my walk. It’s called ‘Bound for Lampedusa’ by The Gentle Good and is about being driven out of your home and setting off for a new one you may never find. It’s for everyone waiting to walk out of Aleppo into uncertainty, through the meltdown of human decency and kindness that is Syria this Christmas. Maybe you’d like to listen to the song as you read the rest of this walking meditation about home: Continue reading “Walking Home: A meditation”

Liverpool Autumnal

A very long circular walk in autumn. Including a great number of beautiful leaves, Boaty MacBoatface being built, finding out the price of a pair of jeans and an update on progress at ┬áThe Welsh Streets. Good value I’d say.
dsc06840When I set off walking on this day, the last Sunday in October 2016, I didn’t know exactly where I was going. But I knew it would be a long and autumnal walk.

Round the lake in Greenbank Park.
Round the lake in Greenbank Park.
A gorgeous golden day.
A gorgeous golden day.
Eleanor Rathbone's house finally being worked on.
Eleanor Rathbone’s house finally being worked on.
Along Greenbank Lane.

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Wandering About: Walton and Orrell Park

Though fairly soulfully, obviously.
Though fairly soulfully, obviously.

When I left the house for a Friday Walk on an actual Friday I had, as so often, no idea where I was going. But walking round the corner I had an idea.

The weather was dreich, to use a lovely Scottish word. Cold, rainy, overcast and dull. Kind of like I was in a cloud. So my idea was to get on the first bus that came, then get off it when the rain stopped or when it reached its terminus, whichever was the sooner.

The first bus when it came was a 68, which I’ve already been on several times this week. But rules are rules even if I’ve only just made them up, so I got on.

Then in Priory Road Anfield the sun came out.
Then in Priory Road Anfield the sun came out.
So I got off.
So I got off.
'Oh no it's Groundhog Day' regular readers might be thinking.
‘Oh no it’s Groundhog Day’ regular readers might be thinking.

“He’s going to walk round Stanley Park for the second time this week“.

Actually no. I'm going to turn right instead of left.
Actually no. I’m going to turn right instead of left.

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For the Beauty of the Leaves

DSC07929Feeling mildly down for no particualr reason, perhaps the darkening of the year or perhaps not, I decided to take a day completely off from working. It’s a privilege of being self-employed. The work will still get done, just not today. Today I walked around Liverpool. For the comfort and joy that always gives me, and for the beauty of the leaves.

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Walking with a camera

Walking with the camera30Walking with a camera is different from just walking. Me and Sarah found this many years ago when we’d run it as an exercise on the ‘Creativity’ courses we’d run back then. People would notice things they might normally miss and find beauty in unexpected places. Well I’ve carried on with this ‘exercise’ until it’s become a natural part of how I live my life. This blog being full of pictures taken as I’m walking around.

This week it’s been different though. For the first time since nearly the beginning of this century the camera in my hand has changed. The weight of it, the feel of it, the capabilities of it – all different and only just starting to be explored. Since my birthday on Tuesday when it arrived it’s actually come out with its much loved predecessor and worked most days. Good pictures in difficult circumstances inside a variety of people’s living rooms. It’s also been out walking though, and that’s what we’re looking at here.

Friday morning, walking out to work.
Friday morning, walking out to work.
Past the Mystery gates
Past the Mystery gates.
And The Brookhouse.
And The Brookhouse.
Along Smithdown, remembering being there with them at the start of Bulky Bob's.
Along Smithdown, remembering being there with them at the start of Bulky Bob’s.

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