Liverpool Beach

It’s called ‘Otterspool Promenade’ but I’ve always thought of it as Liverpool Beach. A long, wide, open space by the banks of the Mersey where the people of Liverpool come out to play, on sunny days like today. Long time readers might have been here before. Otterspool is part of my regular 10k run. And […]

Into the winter gardens

Amidst the shock and outrage at the fact that it has snowed, in January, in Northern Europe, it’s all too easy to miss its beauty. The way it makes everywhere look different. And makes us see everyday objects differently. Especially in the gardens and parks in the few miles round where we live. This piece […]

The erosion at Thurstaston

The cliffs at Thurstaston are a thing of great beauty. Made of eroding boulder clay, they are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and cannot be protected from erosion – it is the erosion that is important to their status. But the erosion is now proceeding faster than we’ve ever seen because of the extremely […]

A perfect day

One of the most read posts on the blog this year has been ‘Busy doing nothing.’ Written on  a balmy early summer’s day, this celebrated one of the great joys of self-employment. The freedom to do nothing, if all else is well, and if you feel like it. Today was another such day. Not balmy […]

Walking with Greg: Lost Liverpool in late Autumn

As you’ll know if you follow this blog, on Fridays Sarah and I walk. In fact, so popular have these proved with readers, they have their own section on the blog. But there are other walks. Which happen because of friendship. But also to discuss ideas. Because ideas tend to flow more easily when you’re […]

2012: Friday Walks, Northern Sky – The Hospice of Hampsfell

Mostly our Friday walks take place near to Liverpool. Because there are wonderful places in and near Liverpool. And so we don’t have to spend much time travelling there. But a couple of times each year we’ll plan a full day out, still somewhere on our north-west coast, our wider ‘home’ – but further than […]