Taking Tea with the Lord Mayor

It’s not every year that your allotment neighbour is the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. But this past year that has been so. And Sarah and I were delighted to get an invitation to come into our Town Hall and visit our friend Erica as she nears the end of her term of office. Sarah’s never […]

Walking with Greg: The Dockers’ Steps in Springtime

A further seasonal instalment in our ‘Walking with Greg’ series. A day off working, to walk around with a friend in the Springtime sunshine. Well, it was sunny some of the time. Sarah won’t be coming out with us as she’s running a Ceremony for someone later today. So we’re soon off along Penny Lane […]

All is quiet on New Year’s Day

As I set out on the first run of 2013 there is hardly anybody about. I could have crossed and recrossed the Smithdown dual carriageway at the end of our road several times before the first car appeared. And all the way round the rest of the run, apart from a Dad and his two […]