The Shining

A Friday Walk then, in all but name, as it’s happening on a Saturday. And a walk done so many times it’s become a meditation now. The Shining Shore.Taking place in the lanes around Thurstaston on the far side of the Wirral, I’ve not been here since last March. Mostly urban walking in Liverpool since […]

Wildflowers and pirates: Our day on the Wirral

If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll recall the practical help¬†offered by ‘The Wirral: A guide for Liverpool people.’¬†That provided useful instructions on how to get to a place where many Liverpool people have simply never been. And then some handy hints about what to do when you get there. View this as […]

Wirral and Liverpool – We two are one?

My Wirral guide for people from Liverpool a week ago caused lots of interest here and on Twitter, some amused, some thoughtful. The longest of the thoughtful responses came through yesterday evening from someone I know and have been out walking with. Stephen Roberts is a history teacher and a published author, one of his […]

The Wirral – A guide for Liverpool people

I’ve long stopped being amazed by the number of Liverpool people who don’t go to the Wirral Peninsula. A good number of my fellow citizens are reasonably intrigued by the Friday Walks I go on every week. But when they find that many of them take place ‘on the Wirral’ it immediately prompts questions like […]