Catching up on things in and around our world, the evolving story of life. Is it another cold Spring, or a late Winter? Hard to tell, but the light’s increasing by the day, so the crocuses are out, the blossoms are beginning, and therefore I think it’s fair to say that, on balance, it’s Spring. […]

Defend every library

Update, 7th March. Liverpool City Council vote to close libraries. In many places across Britain public libraries, curiously, are at the front of the queue when ‘austerity measures’ are up for discussion. Liverpool, European Capital of Culture in 2008 remember,  is sadly no exception. This morning the Liverpool Echo reported this, from Liverpool Town Hall: […]

Observing Liverpool

Another fine day, though not as Spring-like as on yesterday’s Friday Walk with Sarah. but a good day for walking, which I did, from mid-day ’til about 6 o’clock. All around the south end and the centre of Liverpool. There was a vague theme to the walk. I’m working on one or possibly two blog […]

And in the morning, afterwards

What a day. Let’s remind ourselves of its significance with the words of David Conn, the Guardian journalist who has waited so long to be able to write this: “Since the Hillsborough independent panel published its report on 12 September, blowing away the myths and police lies about how 96 people died at the FA Cup semi-final […]

Granby 4 Streets, what’s going on?

And so the news we’ve been expecting for a week now has broken this morning. “LIVERPOOL Council bosses have pulled the plug on a £25m scheme to regenerate derelict housing in the city. Marc Waddington’s article in the Liverpool Echo confirms that the latest possibility in the long struggle for justice and refurbishment of the last […]

Never forgotten

Today has been a special day in Liverpool. A day of truth and vindication. The day the Prime Minister of the day at last said ‘I am profoundly sorry’ for something that happened over twenty three years ago. On 15th April 1989 ninety six Liverpool football supporters were killed during a match at Hillsborough, in […]