What I do

Version 2

Photo by Jane MacNeil

I’ve now started my new enterprise Coming Home Liverpool and that’s taking up most of my time for now.

But I do still do other things when I can and here are some examples of what these other things are.

My work

I work with communities and with enterprises involved with them on what they want to do in and for their places all over the country. In the past this included making films and more recently included my work with the people of Anfield and North Liverpool at Homebaked, plus the people of Granby in Liverpool, where I’m still a member of their Community Land Trust, though I am no longer on its board.

I work with social and ethical enterprises on what they are for, what they do and how they can improve their effectiveness. Most recently that involved work in public transport with HCT Group, in start ups with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and also mentoring work with people in several other social enterprises.

I do some work helping and mentoring people on what they want to do in their own lives and work when I can fit it around my Coming Home work. Much of this in recent years has involved setting occasional days aside to go walking and talking together in some of the places you’ll see written about on this blog.

And now of course I’ve started ‘Coming Home’ with my business partner Jayne Lawless. A new enterprise which brings together so much that I’ve worked on in my life, focussing on empty homes. Who could live in them and who could work on them? Begun now in North Liverpool.

The Blog

I write most of of the blog posts here, about anything that interests me. And sometimes my partner Sarah Horton will write one on something she’s particularly opinionated about. So you’ll find a lot of Liverpool, present and past, a fair bit of music, a great deal of walking, much of it with Sarah, and a lot of opinions. I’ll cover current issues and events when they interest me, but very often they don’t. And every now and then you’ll see a strong enthusiasm for some cause or organisation. But no one pays me for what I blog about and I won’t take adverts. So any enthusiasms or opinions you see are just that, things I’m enthusiastic about and want more people to know about. The blog is a free and opinionated public service and always will be. My enthusiasms cost nothing and can’t be bought.


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