What I do


This is me, talking, mentoring, changing things for the better, with stories and experience.

Photo by Jane MacNeil

Rather than do what always gets done on this sort of page, an old-style CV like list of things already done, I’ve decided instead to write from the perspective of now and talk about what I’d like to be doing as well. After this you can go and read about other things I’ve been involved with in the stories here.

Well first of all I want to do a few different things. 

I’m happiest working on several things at once, because that’s the way I am. All things that really matter, but giving me a varied and interesting life at the same time. If you don’t ask you don’t get, so this is what I do and want to do.

I’m working on Coming Home Liverpool. The new enterprise I’ve been working on for much of this past year, helping people create better lives in secure homes they can properly afford.

But I also like doing different things, remember. So what else?

Well there’s this Beautiful Parks Project I’m already a part of. I’ve loved the work and the subject so far. How can we be making better use of our parks and green spaces? I’ve loved talking to people about their own ideas around this, being part of the team of us who are running the thing and putting together this story of an imagined future. I’ll be fascinated to see where it all leads.

I do like working mainly in and around Liverpool (by which I mean the wider place of course, and both sides of the river) and enjoy walking or getting the bus to most of what I do. I get that this is more environmentally responsible of me, and I’m happy about that. But I want to do it anyway, to see and feel as much of my place as I can. Walking is the not so secret reason why this blog is so full of years of life in and around Liverpool.

I’m naturally drawn to ideas about making the world, or your bit of it, a fairer and friendlier place and love a good conversation. So let’s talk? About mentoring, changing things for the better, with stories and experience, for you, for your place?

Get in touch then, email me, tweet me or come over and talk to me if you see me passing. And let’s see what we could do together.


More stuff about things I’ve done is gathered under ‘Stories’ here on the blog.

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