Coming Home: Our First Home

'Coming Home' by my Granddaughter Ellie Melhuish.

‘Coming Home’ by my Granddaughter Ellie Melhuish.

We are going on site. Keys to our first home will be handed to builders later this week, ready to start work on turning a house that’s been empty for two years back into a home.

Though I haven’t written about Coming Home for some time on here we have been very busy getting everything going. Lots of time on legalities, practical preparations, working with Liverpool City Council’s Empty Homes team and with much help and publicity from BBC Radio Merseyside thank you, so that now we are ready, ready to start work on our first home.

Jayne Lawless of Coming Home, centre, working on our branding (coming soon) with Hayley Oldfield and Fiona Shaw.

Jayne Lawless of Coming Home, centre, working on our branding (coming soon) with Hayley Oldfield and Fiona Shaw.

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The School for Social Entrepreneurs: Sylvia Pearson

Over the last ten years or so one of my quietly favourite things has been to work with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Particularly with Sylvia Pearson and Lisa Mairah. I say quietly because I write very little about it, as this work has been about helping people get their enterprises going. Which is a delicate thing requiring quiet help as all of us involved are working inside people’s dreams. Something which Sylvia has always been particularly superb at doing.

Sylvia retired on Friday night at Blackburne House here in Liverpool. So here are my photographs as she begins a new phase of her life.

Well done and thank you Sylvia.
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Perfect Days on The Gower: With Sarah, Gemma & Sammy the Dog


In which Sarah returns to western Britain. This time to the Gower Peninsula – without a kayak but with two friends. Sort of like “The Famous Three in the South Wales Adventure.” 


I’m very drawn to peninsulas. The magical combination of sky, sea and land. The ‘big sky’ effect of peninsula. The Gower is easily reached by train from Liverpool, change once at Crewe, arrive Swansea and local buses to Oxwich. I arrive in Swansea as the day is drawing to a close and take a taxi the rest of the way so I can enjoy the last light at my destination.


Oxwich Bay. It is a stunning beach, eerie in the half light.


I have arrived just as high tide has turned.

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The Real Junk Food Project Liverpool: Phase Two

First, some background. This café and social enterprise is part of the Real Junk Food Project, a now global movement that was started in Armley in Leeds, where this blog visited back in the summer of 2014. A movement that’s all about eradicating food waste, because in one of the richest economies on earth we’re throwing away 35% of our food, in a country where austerity politics is causing many people to go needlessly hungry. And so a movement has started that is intercepting this food at the moment it is pointlessly thrown away – and retrieving it on behalf of us all. Collecting food from restaurants, shops and even people’s allotments that would otherwise be going to waste. Not rotten food, not bad food, just excess food that would otherwise be going in the bin.

Natalie Hughes-Crean and Gabby Holmes.

Natalie Hughes-Crean and Gabby Holmes.

It’s been a while since this blog caught up with Natalie and Gabby of The Real Junk Food Project Liverpool. But I have stayed in touch with them and was glad to get an email recently outlining their plans for the future.

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The Darkling

dsc07246Out walking this Sunday late in November it feels as if the light of the day is already waning at just after one o’clock. I decide I’ll take some photographs for a blog post called ‘The Darkling.’ My long used phrase for this time of the year where the days are made up of progressively more darkness than light.

Feeling like I'm already walking through the twilight.

Feeling like I’m already walking through the twilight.

The year fading like the last beech leaves on the trees.

The year fading like the last beech leaves on the trees.

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Coming Home Liverpool Film Competition


Competition entries closed on 30th November. And sadly no one won the competition.

I am a film maker who no longer wants to make films. So I am looking for someone who will take my film making kit from me and make good use of it, with one condition. That over the next year or so you make a film of Coming Home Liverpool, the new enterprise I have set up with Jayne Lawless.

That’s it. A simple letting go. But not for free. My lights and other peripheral kit have already been given away on Freecycle. Gladly and without conditions. But I have now reached the letting go of my core equipment, and if you want it this is your chance to buy it with some of your

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