For those of you who are new to the blog and A Sense of Place, I’m Ronnie Hughes, a writer, walker, reader and the principal writer of this blog about life, Liverpool and things I feel like writing about.

Much of the work you can read about on here happened with community groups and organisations during many years of co-running the business also called A Sense of Place with my partner Sarah Horton, who writes on here too sometimes. We helped people to imagine what they wanted to achieve in the places where they lived and worked, then helped them to get there. Mentoring, facilitating, encouraging and along the way finding out what worked, and sometimes what didn’t.

Time happened and neither of us do that kind of work any more. But from that background, through this blog and now my sociology PhD writing about a sense of place and how we make better lives in better places at the University of Liverpool, I’m concentrating on thinking about how we live and how we shape up ideas about better lives, places and futures for us all. Because dreaming on its own won’t get us there, will it? I know that good things can take time. And some of the best things I’ve been involved in doing, that you can read about on here, have taken years. So I’m taking time now.

There are hundreds of blog posts here, dating back to early 2012 when the blog started and all searchable below. Several of the bog recurring themes and places being gathered together in ‘Collections’.

The blog also includes writing from and about my MA and PhD in sociology at the University of Liverpool. An unexpected turn, the best kind.

And you can also find me on Twitter @asenseofplace1.