Afternoon Tea: At Real Junk Food

On a rainy Saturday afternoon at this darkling time of the year, and with such bleak news from Paris, it was lovely to be able to brighten the day by going for afternoon tea with a friend.

Afternoon tea here at the Real Junk Food Project on Shaw Street/Everton Brow.
Afternoon tea here at the Real Junk Food Project on Shaw Street/Everton Brow.

The Pay As You Feel café has been open here at weekends since late August now, keeping down food waste and serving up good, healthy food from North Liverpool to whoever wants and needs it.

So I’d taken it as a sign of their growing confidence to find them advertising bookings for Afternoon Tea. Intrigued I’d booked straight away, and duly turned up at 3 o’clock today with my friend Pat from Homebaked, to find a busy café with just the one empty table there, for us.

Stylishly done as always here.
Personlised too. Am I the one in the top hat?

And as you can see, though it’s all food intercepted from being wasted it’s a ‘proper’ afternoon tea. Pots of tea, delicate cups and saucers, wraps, dainty little pies , scones with strawberry jam and, as it turned out, more cakes than we could eat. Splendid.

After we’d eaten Gabby from Real Junk Food came over to talk as the café quietened down. She was pleased with how this experimental afternoon had gone and will be doing another ‘Afternoon Tea’ event a month from now.

“Our regular menu’s still available on these days but it’s been good to reserve a few of our tables for afternoon tea bookings. I think it’s encouraged people who’d been meaning to visit to come to this and see what we’re all about. It’s still based on our Pay As You Feel philosophy. You come here, have what you want to eat and drink and then make whatever donation you wish.”

Gabby from Real Junk Food with Pat from Homebaked.
Gabby from Real Junk Food with Pat from Homebaked.

As well as operating here Real Junk Food run and contribute to other events around Liverpool. I’ve told you about the Binner Parties they run at The Brink down in Parr Street before. And today the 3 of us talked about them coming to an event Homebaked are putting on just before Christmas. It’s on Saturday 12th December and you’ll be hearing more about it on here before then. It’s going to be very special is all I’m saying for now!

So thanks Gabby and all the other volunteers for doing this today (remember, no one here is being paid). And remember, in a month’s time there’ll be Afternoon Tea at Real Junk Food again.

Pay As You Feel café is open every Saturday and Sunday. If you haven’t been yet you’re missing somewhere very special. Good for Liverpool, good for the planet.

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