You have to make time for spring or it could easily be missed altogether. The delicacy of it, the just born eagerness.

So we both took a day off, Sarah and I, to go and visit springtime on the Shining Shore. And when we got home Sarah wrote this poem and made these two collages about our day.

“On the way here. Snatches of white.
The first blossom. Cherry plum, Prunus cerasifera. 
As soon as we step up onto the road, the hedge invites us to look. 
Full of ‘bare’ branches and twigs. But not really bare. 
Lichen Xanthoria parientina in profusion. 
Masses of black berries of Hedera helix, ivy. 
Up the road and first green shoots of hawthorn, Crataegus.
Through the church gate knowing they will be there. 
The snowdrops, Galanthus.
And the purple crocuses, open to the sun, orange stamens bright. 
The yew male flowers full of pollen, the female ones hiding, Taxus baccata.
Along the lane now and hazel catkins, Corylus avellana.
Gorse bright yellow, Ulex. Honeysuckle first in leaf, Lonicera
Blackthorn buds in white balls, Prunus spinosa
Dogs mercury, Mercurialis perennis.
More lichen down on the shore, bright yellow against the blue sky. 
And heart urchins along the strand line, Echiocardium cordatum.
Here on the shining shore.”

Sarah Horton, 14 February 2019 

Heart urchins along the strand line, one early springtime day in 2019.

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  1. We visited the shining shore (& New Brighton) last Saturday as the unseasonally warn weather presented the opportunity.
    It really was a wonderful afternoon. The light was perfect & not a zephyr of a breeze.
    I was in Germany Monday / Tuesday & managed to snatch another short walk as dusk fell. Air was clean & it was nice to crunch about in the little snow that was left.
    On Saturday we found ourselves in Seffie Park. We have never seen so many people walking there in February taking advantage of the change in the weather.
    It lifts your mood, roll on spring!

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