Introducing New Ideas

Your help needed to turn a former Conservative Club into something a good deal better.

For all the time I’ve lived where I do, which is getting on close to thirty years now, there’s been an old conservative club just across Smithdown, at the top end of Crawford Avenue. I don’t think in all this time it’s ever been anything to do with the actual conservative party but, you know, names count and so I’ve never been in there.

Even a few years ago just before the place closed down and they had an event with members of the 1965 LFC team, my heroes back then, I just couldn’t go in there and see them.

But now, well now is different, as it’s been taken over by local people of an entirely different and much more co-operative persuasion, to be turned into a proper social club for the people who actually live in Liverpool now. Not many conservatives then.

And I still haven’t been in, but I soon will (honest, Paul) – and you can too.

Because it’s not a wreck, there are events coming up. But also, it could really do with some work to bring it up to standard for the twenty-first century.

So there’s a crowdfunder, which you can help with – right here.

At the link you can also find out about rewards for helping. Helping before April 10th, because that’s when the crowdfunder ends?

And there’s this film, so you can have a look round the place as it is now, before you get your bank card out and help?

Smithdown Social Club, it’s a good idea. Lots more, and keep in touch with how they’re doing, at these links:


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