Today was the sort of early morning that looked like it would turn into a bright cold day. The kind of day that would be good for taking photographs. So I decided to make this record of my day, a day on both sides of the river.

I left the house about 7:10 and the Christmas lights were still shining as I walked down Bold Street, stopping for coffee and a read of my current book. Last read when I was in junior school and prompted now by the recent Martian invasion. Not really. Then I walked down to Central Station to catch the train to Port Sunlight.

Having spent the summer writing my MA Dissertation here at Bridge Cottage I’ve now taken to coming here every Friday to work on my PhD. Much enjoying being back in the writing space so kindly loaned to me by the Village Trust here. Quietly working in the community house and much looked forward to every week.

Today I only stayed ’til about two as I had somewhere else I wanted to go to later in the afternoon. Walking through the village for lunch at the Blooming Skull in New Ferry before walking down to Bebington Station for the train.

I didn’t go back to Liverpool though, not yet. But got off the train at Hamilton Square in Birkenhead to go and visit some friends.

And here they are. Kirsten Little and Liam Kelly, the directors of Make, who’ve just opened their third workspace at Make Hamilton Square.

A creative-led organisation with spaces across Liverpool City Region, Make is a place to share skills, make, fix and create; to learn and to teach; to try and tweak. It’s a place to collaborate and create; a magnet for creatives, makers, dreamers and doers with workshops for members, studios for residents and events and courses for our community. We combine high tech with traditional; experienced hands with new skills and studio space with business support. Read more about them here.

I’ve been involved with Make as a general helper and thinker for some years now. Much less so since I started back at university. But they still let me come and visit them! And showed me round their new and busily evolving place.

After which it was dark outside and I went back to the station for the train under the river to Liverpool. Where people were rushing about doing Friday evening present buying, though not me.

I walked through Liverpool One and got the 80 bus back home.

And when I got here there was this photograph of me on Twitter. Taken by Liam during my visit to Make Hamilton Square, and holding the award they received last night. Liverpool City Region’s ‘Culture and Creativity Impact Award’ for the most sustainable business in the arts.

They say they couldn’t have done it without me, which is very kind of them. Though I think there must be a lot of people in their ‘couldn’t have done it without them’ queue before you’d get to my contributions.

But it was lovely to see you both xx

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