Sarah and I have been doing this walk for years and I’ve written about it many times on here. But today we needed to go across to Thurstaston and simply do the walk again. For the ritual of it, the outdoors-ness of it, the joy and, yes, the comfort of it. It’s a Friday Walk, and sometimes we all need one of those.

We first began putting our work aside and walking every Friday in the early years of this century, when we were still running our business together. Some years we walked pretty much every week and this one was always a favourite. It’s not that long and it’s not very difficult. But it is perfectly shaped. A mixture of tracks and country lanes, a waterfall and woody hillsides, a glorious coastal estuary, huge dramatic skies, endlessly varying birds and horticulture – and a convenient toilet for the beginning and end of the walk. What could be better?

With time the walk also became our natural cathedral. Things happen over time. Ups, downs, celebrations and crises. And we got into the habit of bringing them here, to our Shining Shore. So it was natural, in the unknowing of now, that today’s Friday Walk would happen here. Just because.

Here’s the walk. Beginning and ending at the Thurstaston Visitor Centre, on the Dee Estuary, if you want to do it yourself.

Up high now, first sight of the Dee Estuary
Stopping for lunch
The view
Onto the Shining Shore
It was muddy
But we loved it, like always

And to finish, the same walk but on film. Made by Sarah nine years ago, on my birthday, using an early iPhone and a vintage film app, for a laugh.

Which we thought you might appreciate just now xx

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